Blogging for Your Business

Why Every Business Should Start Blogging Now


Business blogging is a fantastic form of inbound marketing that helps to get your business more visibility online. The core of inbound marketing is to create quality content to pull people towards your business or product. You do this by matching the content you create with your customer’s interests. This organically attracts inbound traffic that you can then convert, close and delight.

So let’s say you have a great looking website but it’s just sitting there, static and not really doing a whole lot unless people already know you. The concepts of doing business online aren’t all that different to doing business in the real world. Nobody is going to pop in and have a look if your site isn’t doing anything new, you need to keep changing and updating your online “shop window”.

You need media. A blog is a great and easy way to create this. Customers being able to see all your latest work, news or even stock through articles, photos and videos will really help the online visibility of your business (people will be able to find you!). Your business could show up in search engine results and social media.


Here are a few ways that blogging can help get your business out in front of others and increase your chances of being found online.

Drive Traffic To Your Site

In order for your website to become a valuable marketing asset people need to be able to find it. The most common way for this to happen is through a search engine search (let’s face it, it’s very unlikely they’ll type in your URL directly). Each time you publish a new blog post it creates a new page on your site, this means that every time you post, you create a new opportunity for your site to show up in organic search engine results. These frequently updated and new pages tell Google that you have an active site and they need to check in regularly to see what you’re writing about.

inbound marketing-fundamentals

Get Discovered On Social Media

With each blog post you write you’re creating new content that people can share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social networks. This in turn helps you to get found by new audiences that may otherwise never find you.

Producing new content for your blog can also keep your social media pages active. Instead of having to come up new content for your Facebook and Twitter pages you blog can become the source of the new and original content. This simultaneously strengthens your social reach with content from your blog and drives new visitors to your blog via your social media channels.

Know Your Stuff

The most successful business blogs are able to answer the questions their customers have. Establish yourself as an authority by consistently creating helpful and informative content for your target audience. If you have multiple posts on your blog that offer tips relating to your business then the visitor can see that you really know what you’re talking about. This can also encourage them to seek you out for advice in the future.

Generate Leads

When you have traffic coming to your website through your blog you can then convert that traffic in leads.

Every blog post you write is a indexed page and this becomes a new opportunity to generate new leads. Adding a call-to-action to each post will create these. The call-to-action can be anything from a free ebook to a free trial, it just needs to be something that a customer will be willing to exchange their information for.

Long Term Results

Blogging is a great way for you spend a short of time but gain long term results. It might take you an hour to write and publish an article but that post can be of benefit for much much longer. For example if you publish a post that gets one hundred views and creates ten leads that day. The next day it gains another fifty views and five leads from being found on social media and subscribers catching up on their email. After a few days the attention might die down but you already have one hundred and fifty views and fifteen leads. However it doesn’t stop there.

That same blog post is now going to rank in search engine results. This means that for weeks, months and years to come you will continually get traffic and leads from that post. One hour of effort a day can turn into thousands of views and leads in the future.

So if you’re going to start a business blog or become more invested in one you’ve already started these reasons should hopefully be more than enough to encourage you, but if you need any more encouragement to start blogging now check out the facts and figures below.

Why Every Business Should Blog
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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